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Travian3 Beyond – ML&CN

Travian: Attack Builder For 3.5 Works on new updates. Multi Language.[Posiela útok vo vlnách]

Script Summary:
Version Original script by Victor Garcia (aka Croc). Update: Szabka pl51 (last update 07.June 2008). Update: ms99 (last update 31.December.2008)




The „Travian3 Beyond – ML&CN (multilanguage + center numbers)“ script by ms99 is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License.

An English translation of the license can be found here Creative Commons Attribution-Noncomercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Copyright © ms99, 2008-2009
Parts of this script © Copyright Nux, 2008
Setup page behavior © Copyright Lux, 2008

    beyondteam (at) yahoo (dot) com


Very important

  • Make sure this script is the first in the list of Greasemonkey scripts enabled for Travian pages !
  • Please configure your script using the „Travian Beyond Setup“ icon
  • Please configure the ad banner format via Profile -> Preferences to „BigSize“ (usually available only on .de servers) !
  • REMEMBER: This script will NEVER provide automatic/scheduled actions ! We want to play on our own not letting two computers play against each other !
  • Please use map options, market offers, message and report preload features with care


  • Please look at the script, and find the first xLang array. Then go to the switchLanguage function and check if a translation for your language is already available (look at the case „xx“ lines, where xx = abbreviation for your language – e.g. „xx“ = „de“ for „German language“).
    Please translate the whole first xLang array – or add to the existing xLang array for your language – and post it here. I will include your translation into future releases.


  • Please add a comment in English, German or Romanian. English is appreciated ! This way hopefully all will be able to participate to discussions (Thank you, Zippo !).

Error/bug reports

  • Please add a comment in English (appreciated !), German or Romanian or send an e-mail to beyondteam (at) yahoo (dot) com in the format:
    BUG/ERROR: description . Please include a screenshot if available.


  • Please add a comment in English (appreciated !), German, or Romanian or send an e-mail to beyondteam (at) yahoo (dot) com in the format:
    REQUEST: description . Please describe your request and include any information that may help, if available. A screenshot is very appreciated. If you know how to use the „Error Console“ provided by Firefox, you may send us the error.

Script developed and tested using

  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 and Microsoft Windows XP SP3


    Please make sure you fulfill the requirements stated on this page.
    Deactivate all the other scripts you have installed for Travian pages and test again.
    Restart Firefox if necessary (please wait until it disappears from the Processes list of the Task Manager.
    If needed, restart your computer.
    Clear private data from Firefox, including cookies (please backup important data – passwords, usernames, etc.- before you proceed).
    Perform a clean install of the script as described below:
    1. Open a new Tab in Firefox, enter about:config in the address bar and press < ENTER >
    2. In the Filter field enter the country code of the server your playing on (e.g. „ro“ for the Romanian servers, „de“ for Germany, etc.) or the host name of the server you play on („speed“ or „s1“ or „welt2“, etc.). Please use only one filter at a time (if your playing on more than one server you can repeat the procedure)
    3. You will receive a list of „cookies“ (GM values) saved by this script for the server you are playing on. They look like this:
    „greasemonkey.scriptvals.T3/Travian3 Beyond – ML&CN.sXLL_xxxxx_bigicons“
    4. Right-click on following values (one at a time) and select „Copy Value“ from the pop-up menu: marcadores and ventas (if needed on the „cncolor…“ values)“
    5. Each copied value can then be pasted in a text editor of your choice (for example Notepad)
    6. Repeat steps 2-5 for all the servers you are playing on and for which you want to save the bookmarks and market offers, etc. (press the refresh button of the browser after finishing saving data for every filter)
    7. Deinstall the script from Greasemonkey including the associated preferences
    8. Close Firefox completely (wait until the process is not listed anymore in the Processes tab of the Task Manager). If needed restart the computer (but don’t forget to save the Notepad file)
    9. Go to the „about:config“ tab of Firefox and enter a filter you’ve used before. If there still are values in the format „greasemonkey.scriptvals.T3/Travian3 Beyond – ML&CN.sXLL_xxxxx_…“ right-click them and select „Reset“ from the pop-up menu. You may consider removing these entries directly from the ‘prefs.js’ file that can be found in your Mozilla Firefox profile folder (it may be dangerous but can save you a lot of trouble if done correctly)
    10. Open this script’s page on and install the script again
    11. Check if the Travian Beyond Setup icon appears in the top-left or top-right corner of the page
    12. Go to the Setup page and restore your preferences including the values that you copied to the text editor of your choice. Click on the Save button of the Travian Beyond Setup table

    After this, the script should work as expected.

    If none of the procedures described above helps, please post a comment/screenshot to the „Bug/Issue reports“ topic on the „Discussions“ tab of this script or send a message to the Contat mail address specified above. Please also specify the server you play on.

Using this script may be prohibited and your Travian account may be banned/deleted. Before installing this script, please read the Rules of the game page ( The author(s) of this script cannot be made liable for any damage (implicit or explicit) caused by the installation or usage of the „Travian3 Beyond – ML&CN (multilanguage + center numbers)“ Greasemonkey script.

Disclaimer of Warranty:

Limitation of Liability:

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